16 Birthday Trip Ideas For Every Personality Type

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When you’re traveling somewhere, for no matter what reason, the one thing that can really affect your trip is the activities you’re planning on doing. If you’re not doing anything that suits you and your style, the whole mood can be ruined. And when it comes to birthdays, you know the planning has to be flawless. Birthday trips are fun and quite interesting to plan, but it can be pretty annoying to do something you don’t particularly like or can’t find interesting, and that too, on your own birthday. If you’re planning a birthday trip for yourself or someone else and desperately need to figure out how to make it as perfect as possible, one way is basing your trip on personality types.  

Yes, you heard that right! The concept of various personalities that a human can have is more than just a psychology class; the total of 16 personalities are suited for each person and can actually be an accurate representation. In the case of birthday trips, planning fun activities and destinations just for one person isn’t going to do it, so here’s a complete guide on planning trips and 16 birthday trip ideas for every personality type: 

What Does Each Personality Type Mean? 

Going into the intricate details of each personality type might be too long and, in fact, seem unnecessary, but you’ll only be able to plan a birthday trip if you understand what each personality can mean. The personality types are:  

  • INTJ: The Architect 
  • INTP: The Thinker 
  • ENTJ: The Commander 
  • ENTP: The Debater 
  • INFJ: The Advocate 
  • INFP: The Mediator 
  • ENFJ: The Giver 
  • ENFP: The Champion 
  • ISTJ: The Inspector 
  • ESTJ: The Director 
  • ISFJ: The Protector 
  • ESFJ: The Caregiver 
  • ISTP: The Crafter 
  • ESTP: The Persuader 
  • ISFP: The Artist 
  • ESFP: The Performer 

In these, each alphabet stands for: 

I: Introversion, E: Extraversion, S: Sensing, N: Intuition, T: Thinking, F: Feeling, J: Judging, P: Perceiving. From here, you can draw conclusions. 

Birthday Trip For 16 Personalities 

Moving on to the more important part, here are some destinations and activities you can choose as a birthday trip according to each personality. You are surely going to find some amazing birthday trip ideas. Read on:  

INTJ: The Architect - Rome, Italy 

Rome, Italy

INTJ personality types are highly logical, independent, and creative, so of course, you’ll have to go with a destination that perfectly suits them. This is why Rome, Italy, would be the perfect place for them. Rome has a lot of tourist destinations that explore architecture, history, and art, so anyone with an INTJ personality will love to get lost in the culture. Plus, Rome, Italy also makes for an excellent self-exploring place, so it’s a win-win situation. 

INTP: The Thinker - Berlin, Germany 

Berlin, Germany

As the name suggests, INTP people are very logical, thoughtful, and often philosophical. So, taking them somewhere like Vegas won’t do. Instead, try a birthday trip to Berlin, Germany, where they will be able to get a close look at the history, the culture, and even look back on time. Trust us; this is the perfect trip for INTPs.  

ENTJ: The Commander - Las Vegas, Nevada, and New York, New YorkLas Vegas, Nevada

ENTJs are confident, extroverted, and simply lively! The perfect destination for ENTJs would be somewhere they can spread their wings and be themselves and socialize with everyone. This means ENTJs aren’t limited to just one destination, so a birthday trip can be taken to Las Vegas, Nevada, where ENTJs can be themselves and hit the casinos. Of course, Las Vegas is a place thriving with extroverts, so if you’re looking for something popping, that’s the place. 

ENTJs would also love New York, a slightly sophisticated but equally outgoing, so if you’re hoping to tick all the boxes, this one’s a perfect choice. 

ENTP: The Debater - Gothenburg, Sweden 

 Gothenburg, Sweden

Ah, ENTPs, the innovative, expressive, extroverted, rational, and inventive people! Now for ENTPs, a good birthday trip would be somewhere that’s inventive, creative, independent, and allows a good thinking space. And where better than Gothenburg in Sweden, where one can explore the mysticism of the Dutch-style canals, venture to the various theme parks, and when in the mood for something light and thought-provoking, visit the sculptured garden? 

INFJ: The Advocate - Amsterdam, The Netherlands 

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

People with an INFJ personality type are introverted, dreamy, idealists but love exploring things. And what could do them better justice than Amsterdam in the Netherlands, one of the world’s dreamiest places? A birthday trip to Amsterdam would be the perfect getaway for INFJs because they can indulge themselves with a round of self-exploration and wander through the magical city all by themselves. It’s an introvert’s paradise! 

INFP: The Mediator - Venice, Italy  Venice, Italy

Highly intuitive, idealist, perceptive and introverted, the INFPs don’t normally like trips that take them out of their comfort zone. So, if you’re an INFP or are planning a birthday trip for someone with an INFP personality, then you’ll need to go somewhere that feels cozy, homely, but perceptive to them. And for this destination, we’ll have to go with Venice, Italy.  

Though it may seem a bit too far for some, Venice is truly a comforting place to be with its alluring canals and romantic gondolas. For anyone who loves the idea of perceiving their own adventure, Venice is where to go. 

ENFJ: The Giver - Sydney, Australia Sydney, Australia

ENFJs are intuitive, extroverted, and outgoing people who scream warmth, so a lot of justice has to be done when selecting a trip destination. Sydney, Australia would absolutely deliver itself for anyone who’s as bubbly and lively because Australians are extremely friendly, jolly, and caring. So, if your buddy has no shell to break out of or if you’re an ENFJ, going to Sydney will do wonders. 

ENFP: The Champion - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

ENFPs are known as the Champions because they can lead and inspire people simply through their personalities. Anyone with an ENFP personality would love Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, because the place is bustling with exciting opportunities and cultural exploration. And of course, which ENFP wouldn’t want to get their hands in on that? 

ISTJ: The Inspector - Kamakura, Japan 

Kamakura, Japan

ISTJs are spiritual and introverted but love helping out others and exploring their own little world, so the city of Kamakura in Japan will be a place that’ll spice their birthday up! Kamakura has a really zen vibe and is lined with ancient temples, natural landmarks, and resorts, so it becomes one of the best places for an ISTJ-who constantly worry about others-because they can have fun without having to mingle with the crowd much and keep concerns about their loved ones at bay. 

ESTJ: The Director - London, England 

London, England

We all know an ESTJ friend who needs to keep everything coordinated, plans to each and every last detail, and cannot relax unless they know everything is going to perfection, don’t we? While detail-oriented, ESTJs are also extroverts, so a birthday trip to London, England, will keep them happy. London is a pretty calm and collected place and has lots of sightseeing destinations, so trust us on this one! 

ISFJ: The Protector - Santorini, Greece Santorini, Greece

It’s in the name: ISFJs are really protective and nurturing of the ones they deeply love and care for, so it’s time to reciprocate the feeling! A birthday trip somewhere romantic, ethereal, and safe is where they should be, which is why Santorini, Greece, suits them. Santorini is one of the most romantic cities in the world, is really safe, and has tons of activities to do, so an ISFJ will be in good hands. 

ESFJ: The Caregiver - Glasgow, Scotland Glasgow, Scotland

ESFJs really love to extend their warmth and love to others, so they need to go someplace that’s equally welcoming and lovely. If you’re puzzling over this, don’t worry because Glasgow, Scotland, is the answer to your question! Glasgow was once declared the friendliest city in the world because the Scottish really love vibing with others and embracing strangers with homely hospitality. 

ISTP: The Crafter - Luxor, Egypt 

Luxor, Egypt

ISTPs are heavily into art and mystery and love feeling everything with their own hands. There's no better place for someone who really wants to feel their trip than Luxor in Egypt, which is home to countless historical monuments and landmarks, including the Luxor Temple. An ISTP could get lost in Luxor feeling the inscribed walls and carved stones, just the perfect retreat. 

ESTP: The Persuader - Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia  Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

For ESTPs, who are jovial, determined, and independent, a place where they can thrive and experience new things and cultures is the only good birthday trip destination; Kuala Lumpur. Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia is filled with the hustles and bustles of life and tradition, so having to indulge in a world that’s not known to them but as exciting as will prove to be a worthy contender for ESTPs. 

ISFP: The Artist - Buenos Aires, Barcelona 

 Buenos Aires, Barcelona

Deeply in love with art, history, and literature, ISFPs will love to stroll the streets of Buenos Aires, Barcelona, and occasionally stop at art centers and historical landmarks to interact with the culture and vibe of Barcelona. If you’re an ISFP or know anyone who’s an ISFP, then going to Buenos Aires will be a dream come true. 

ESFP: The Performer - San Jose, Costa Rica San Jose, Costa Rica

Last but not least, ESFPs are adventurous, jolly, thrill-seekers, and love to explore nature. That’s why going to San Jose, Costa Rica will keep ESFPs happy; there are lots of adventurous things to do in San Jose, including taking thrilling ziplines, so if you’re a sucker for thrills, you’ll find no other perfect place. 

So, these were some super cool birthday trip ideas for you! Choose them according to your personality type and have a blast on your birthday. 

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