10 Best Things to Do in New Jersey

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A small yet mighty state, New Jersey has so many attractions that no list will ever have them all. From visiting the Atlantic Ocean coastline, to the battlefields of the Revolutionary War, and so much in between, there is something for everyone to love when planning a trip!


1. Ocean City Boardwalk  Ocean City Boardwalk

No matter the time of year you are visiting, you can find a plethora of things to do on the 3-mile long Ocean City Boardwalk. Enjoy rollerblading, dog walking, biking, and so much or as you walk past the carousel and Ferris wheel. Whether you are staying in one of the lavish hotels and spas, or in a budget friendly hotel, you are sure to have a great weekend in Ocean City.


2. Cape May Historic District  Cape May Historic District

If you are looking for a seaside retreat while in New Jersey, visit the Cape May Historic District. Here you will find not only perfect beaches and ocean views, but also Victorian architecture, an 1858 lighthouse, and even a World War II Lookout Tower! Located on the southernmost tip of the state, you will see why 6 United State Presidents had summer homes here. Once one of the most fashionable cities for the wealthy to visit during the summer, everyone can now enjoy a weekend relaxing and strolling around. Be sure to check out the schooner Yankee and see if you can get on a whale tour!


3. Thomas Edison National Historic Park 

Thomas Edison National Historic Park

See what scientific laboratories looked like only a short time ago at the Thomas Edison National Historic Park. You will see machine belts and pulleys as you walk through the collection of inventor Thomas Edison, including his 1888 talking doll recordings. Listen to music being plated on a phonographs and see how Edison invented the technology we use today is movie production. This 29-room mansion has guided tours and is simply magnificent.


4. Battleship New Jersey 

Battleship New Jersey

Come see one of the most decorated battleships in the country at Battleship New Jersey! Built after the start of World War II, this is one of the largest military ships ever constructed. On the ship, you will walk through exhibits on numerous conflicts that have occurred since World War II. You can even stay onboard overnight if you book early enough!


5. Lakota Wolf Preserve 

Lakota Wolf Preserve 

Get up close and personal with wolves in their natural habitat at the Lakota Wolf Preserve. Learn about their behaviors and social skills as you go on a tour of the four wolf packs that call the preserve home. You will watch them play, eat, and if you’re lucky hear an iconic howl. Make sure you pack your cameras and get ready to see these majestic animals.


6. Morristown National Historic Park 

Morristown National Historic Park  

Since New Jersey was one of the original 13 colonies, there is a lot of historic sites throughout the state from the American Revolutionary War. One of the more popular spots to visit is the Morristown National Historic Park, where General George Washington and the continental army stayed from December 1779 to June 1780, during the longest recorded winter in history. You can tour the fields on a couple different hiking trails and then head to the museum where you will see many artifacts from the 18th century. Attend a campfire and hear the legend and lore from a knowledgeable guide or take a ghost tour at the Ford Mansion.


7. Princeton University 

Princeton University

Created in 1756, Princeton is a world renowned Ivy League college known for its role in history and as a research institution. You can explore the 1,600 acres of campus on your own or join a student-led tour. While on campus, visit the Institute of Advanced Study, which is where Albert Einstein worked in the later part of his career. Tour the Art Museum that showcases students and visiting scholars and includes some interactive displays. Or you can explore the town surrounding the university and see the Princeton Battlefield State Park or the Clarke House Museum, which was a hospital during the Revolutionary War.


8. Adventure Aquarium  Adventure Aquarium

In Camden along the Delaware River is the Adventure Aquarium, which is widely considered to be one of the best aquatic educational facilities in the world. You will find more than 8,500 marine animals in this two million gallon aquarium. See sharks, stingrays, sea turtles, and penguins, and so much more. And this is the world’s only aquarium with hippos and the only hammerhead shark in a United States aquarium! You can easily spend an entire day walking around all of the exhibits.


9. Naval Air Station Wildwood Aviation Museum 

Naval Air Station Wildwood Aviation Museum 

If you want to get up close and personal with planes that date back to the 1940s, you’re in luck! The Naval Air Station Wildwood Aviation Museum is home to multiple aircrafts and exhibits that are both educational and engaging to walk through. Sit in the seat of a cockpit and climb up into an air traffic control tower. You can easily spend hours trying one of the flight simulator games where you try to maneuver a Coast Guard aircraft!


10. Six Flags Great Adventure 

Six Flags Great Adventure 

A perfect day trip for those of you who like highspeed thrills and dramatic rides, Six Flags Great Adventure is good fun that your whole family will enjoy! There are many high thrill rides for adrenaline junkies to choose from, including Kingda Ka, Bizarro, and Superman: Ultimate Flight. For people who aren’t fans of twists and turns, the tame Skull Mountain is also a ton of fun. Visit during Halloween when the park transforms with actors dressed as zombies. Six Flags is a world renowned amusement park that delights people across the country. And Six Flags Great Adventure is surely going to bring smiles to everyone in your group.

What are you waiting for? No matter what cities or region of New Jersey you’re looking to visit, you will definitely have a great time. From historic landmarks to popular beaches and zoos, you and your family will have a great time exploring the Garden State!

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