Top 10 Things to See While Visiting in Weymouth, Dorset

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Busking in the sun while sipping a cocktail is not often my kind of travel itinerary. However, the relatively pristine Weymouth coastline in Dorset, England, is the perfect holiday spot, especially when you search for something a tad unique from the general beach complexion. I remember my first visit to the coast back in 2007, and I opted for Weymouth on a solo vacation trip to unwind from the new job. I was pretty awe-struck by the diversity of amenities in the coastal town. Be it a lounge on the beach, foot massage, or treasure hunt, there is plenty to go around for all travelers to the coast.

The renowned name of Weymouth may be owed to the early escapades of King George III, who fell immeasurably in love with the beautiful coast. King George chose the spot for his summer vacations, making 14 visits between 1789 and 1805. And who blames him? Weymouth has warmer temperatures most of the year. Travelers to the coast also have plenty of spots for the perfect holiday picture, given the beaches’ have the most awe-inspiring background in Georgian townhouses, attractive docks, and gaslights. If you have plans to visit the pristine coast in Weymouth, I have a couple of ideas on how to occupy yourself while there.

1. Sandworld Sculpture Park

 Sandworld Sculpture Park

The park is the perfect fantasy on the coast, the perfect itinerary when traveling with kids. I have seen sculptures inspired by the Game of Thrones, Avengers, Star Wars, and Harry Potter in past park festivals. I love the excitement at Sandworld, old or young, molding away their favorite inspirations. Regardless of when you planned your trip, this destination is open all year round.

2. Weymouth Harbour

Weymouth Harbour

If you love the morning walks, you must visit Weymouth Harbour as the morning sand rolls off the idyllic paint job on the houses and restaurant terraces. The Georgian architecture semblance makes the perfect background for those on a photo op. The harbor bustles with cafes, fish and chip shops, and pubs ready to serve the town’s flow. If you are honored enough, you might be the lucky few to watch the bridge open to let through water, an event so rare that it only happens 2 hours in 363 days every year.

3. Nothe Fort

Nothe Fort

Initially, the Royal Commission Fort, the D-shaped Nothe Fort, was built in the 1860s to protect the coast, which had been elected a naval base. The fortress was set up to wane off attacks by the French empire. One of the most preserved on the south coast, it played a huge role in World War II as both American and Royal navies set base at the beach. Travelers are given a tour of how the fort was a strategic pulpit for the country’s sovereignty.

4. Alexandra Gardens

 Alexandra Gardens

Nothing raises the spirits like an amusement park. The archetypal seaside mainstay of rides and arcade games is the best location for your little one. In addition, there is a sense of pride in The gardens, formerly a theatre in 1924, have a diverse line-up of activities ranging from classic amusements to fairground style rides.

5. Weymouth Beach

Weymouth Beach

Thanks to the seamless boulevard, the beach has been a Blue Flag winner every year, rated among the best in the country. The golden sand beach spans 3 miles and makes a great destination, especially if you traveled with children. An endless of semi-structures built from the sand by the children is the town’s weekend norm. There is also ordinary amusement such as donkey rides, trampolines, and puppet shows.

6. Greenhill Gardens

Greenhill Gardens

Initially belonging to the Wilton Estate before possession by the town in 1902, the Greenhill Gardens is a myriad of paths, florid boundaries, neatly sheared lawns and leisure amenities. The Green Flag Award holder is the perfect estate to put both your feet up and watch the bay. Enlisting two cafes, wishing well, a floral clock, and even an 18-hole putting green, most travelers are lost for choice. Travelers opt for Greenhill Gardens due to the grandeur of the general undertakings.

7. Portland Castle

Portland Castle

Ordered by Henry VIII to deter foreign coastal threats on the south coast of England in the 1540s, Portland Castle is a scenic destination worth your time. Visitors are equipped with an audio guide to give them a short relay of the 450-year history behind the fortress, such as the four-month siege during the English Civil War or how great it was during the world wars. The picturesque views of the Weymouth Harbour are worth the trip.

8. Radipole Lake Reserve

Radipole Lake Reserve

Located in the center of Weymouth, the Radipole Lake is an improbable home to one of the country’s unique wildlife, such as birds like kingfishers and bearded tits, somewhat rare creatures like otters and water voles. You must check out the discovery center for a detailed list of animals to find at the reserve. If you plan your trip for the summer or spring, you will enjoy nature-spotting walks.

9. Durdle Door

Durdle Door

One of Jurassic Coast’s iconic landscapes, the iconic natural structure has become Dorset’s poster child. Durdle Door is a natural arch as a result of hard limestone vertically accumulating out of the sea. It stands at the base of a steep path trailed by a set of ligneous steps. The stretch of the pathway between Lulworth Cove and Durdle Door is where most activity happens, with over 200,000 reported walkers per year.

10. Fossil Hunting

Fossil Hunting

Fossil hunting can be pretty indulging. However, who wouldn’t keep the peace of the globe’s history? There are plenty of spots to go on the treasure hunt in Dorset, such as Charmouth and Lyme Regis beaches (where the success rates are high), Old Kingbarrow Quarry, quarry and foreshore in Portland. Still, my personal favorite should be Redcliff because of the giant oyster shells. Whichever of the above you decide to choose will be socially gratifying.

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