Top Beaches in Key West You Must Visit

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Key West is an atoll city in the southernmost point of Florida, a few miles north of Cuba. It is a trendy tourist city and attracts large crowds primarily for its water activities, fantastic nightlife, and beautiful beaches.

Most visiting crowds prefer to visit between March and May, and these will undoubtedly be the busiest and most expensive months. If you are planning to visit the shorelines, I would recommend staying in the summer so that you can take advantage of the summer heat to soak in the water all day. For the ultimate beach experience, you must check out the beaches on the list below.

Smathers Beach

Smathers Beach

Smathers Beach happens to be the largest beach in Key West and stretches for over two miles. Smathers beach is an easy favorite among the locals because of the favorable swimming conditions, being a snorkeler’s favorite place. The beach has a good number of rental shops offering beach umbrellas, chairs, and snorkeling equipment. In addition, several vendors provide refreshing drinks and snacks while you have a relaxing soak in the sun. In addition, you can take part in many fun activities like jet skiing, kayaking and beach volleyball.

Fort Zachary Taylor historic state park

Fort Zachary Taylor historic state park

This park is a historic landmark and houses the Natural Historical Monument with large caches of information about the civil war armament. In addition, you can explore the park halls to see gun and cannon ports as used by soldiers in the past. After visiting all the key areas of the park, you can continue on south to State Park Beach, where you can have more fun fishing, snorkeling, having picnics with loved ones, and sunbathing in the warm afternoon sun. Fort Zachary Taylor State Park Beach boasts of the most transparent waters of Key West, and due to an abundance f coral reefs, it is the perfect spot for snorkeling. One downside to this park is the somewhat hefty entrance fees, but the fun is most assuredly worth it.

South Beach

South Beach

South Beach is the most family-friendly beach with shallow warm waters favorable for whole family swimming activities. It is situated on the southern end of Key West and receives fewer crowds making it peaceful and relaxing. There are a few rental shops here so you might have to travel with all your necessities for a warm day outdoors. On the grounds is a café and a few refreshments kiosk plus a water fountain so you can have unlimited fun and not be constantly parched.

Higgs Beach

Higgs Beach

Higgs Beach is a close favorite for the people of Key West. It has crystal clear turquoise water and tropical green vegetation that will provide the perfect background for all your beach photoshoots. There are many activities to catch your attention on the beach. A pier is ideal for watching the sunrise and hosting a monument that marks where the African slaves were buried in a nearby cemetery back in the 1800s: a pretty historical place and ideal for whole family fun. Fishing from the pier is prohibited, but many fish species can be observed through crystal clear waters.

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