Top Beaches in Los Angeles You Must Visit

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Primarily known as the City of Angels, Los Angeles is a city located in Southern California. It is predominantly famous for its warm Mediterranean climate, cultural diversity, bohemian lifestyle, and entertainment industry. Los Angeles is a city of reveries and optimism for many people who go there each year to chase their careers. The city is captivating, from the beaches along the Pacific coast with sparkling clear water and white sand to the mountain ranges that go as high as 10,000 feet; the valleys and nearby desert all add to its inexplainable charm.

By popular opinion, Los Angeles is most assuredly the city with the best variety of beaches and water activities. Take a trip to one of the following and see for yourself.

Venice BeachVenice Beach

You will find much more than wind and surf at Venice Beach. It is internationally known as one of the beaches with the best bohemian vibe and offering street performances and gymnastics. So, you will not run out of exhilarating things to do/see. The Venice beach recreation center hosts tournaments for basketball. Handball, tennis and many more. The Venice Boardwalk has a significant number of street vendors who sell special delicacies to tease your tastebuds. And finally, the world-famous Muscle seaside Venice gym to work on your bodybuilding. This beach is family-friendly and has two state-of-the-art children’s play areas so that the adults can enjoy some quality time to themselves.

Malibu Lagoon State BeachMalibu Lagoon State Beach

Also known as Surfrider beach, it was named the World Surfing Reserve in October 2010. That is where all the surfers go to show off their beautiful and graceful moves. Don’t feel discouraged if you are just a beginner; the waves at the First point will be kind to you. The Malibu pier is also an excellent spot for saltwater fishing. In addition, there are several privately owned restaurants to dine at and catch up with friends.

Santa Monica State BeachSanta Monica State Beach

Santa Monica state beach has a lot to offer in the way of fun and amusement. The Santa Monica pier is an ideal way to start the day by enjoying joy rides on the Ferris wheel, a beachfront boardwalk. There are also many good bike trails to be accessed from the Santa Monica beach. Every few hundred yards, you will find a snack stand or street vendor in addition to the many restaurants on the pier.

The Annenberg Community Beach House is one other great spot to visit. Again, there are many fun activities facilitated by the community staff for the whole family to partake.

Huntington Beach Huntington Beach

Huntington beach, aka surf city, earned its name because of its world-class surf experience. It is located within Orange county on the southern coast of California and along the Pacific Coast Highway. Due to the excellent weather and rip currents, the beach is a local spot for corporate-sponsored happenings all year round, the most famous being surfing and volleyball tournaments. In addition, the beach has a total of 127 fire pits for family roasts and gatherings.

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