Top Beaches in Miami You Must Visit

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Miami city is a coastal metropolis located in the southeastern part of Florida, in the Miami-Dade County. On most Miami beaches, the waters of the Caribbean Sea mix with those of the Atlantic, giving the water a beautiful turquoise glow, excellent for shoots and swimming. The good news, all Miami beaches are open to the public and have free entrance – all you will have to pay is the parking fee at some of them. So if you are in town, make sure to take a trip to these great spots for a fun-filled day.

Crandon Park BeachCrandon Park Beach

Having a day out at Crandon park beach is like discovering a gold mine. There is a whole lot of activities to be enjoyed by the entire family. There is a family amusement park, a nature center, and picnic tables to enjoy a warm sunny lunch with your family. The nature center will have you doubling on your children’s adoration because of all the exotic plants and rare fish species on display. Beyond the amenities, you will find a breathtaking beach with the most transparent waters on Miami Beach. Here you can do some sunbathing and work on a tan that will be the envy of your peers and later engage in a competitive match of volleyball.

Sunny Isles BeachSunny Isles Beach

Sunny Isles is undoubtedly one of the best beaches on the north side of the Miami coast. It has a long beach of nearly two miles of soft white sand, perfect for sunbathing, sandcastle building, and swimming. In addition, there is a nearby fishing spot called the Newport fishing pier where you can engage in saltwater fishing. The beach is littered with coffee shops, restaurants, and vendor stands to offer you refreshing cold drinks and fantastic food combos to quench your hunger while you enjoy a warm sunny day outdoors.

South Pointe parkSouth Pointe park

This park bids a 360-degree view of the ocean to feast your eyes. From a vantage point, you can get a clear picture of cruise ships leaving the harbor and going out to sea. There are many foot trails where you can enjoy a romantic stroll with your partner or family. That is a popular spot for film and commercial shots, and if you are lucky, you might even get a front row/ free show of the crew in action. In addition, there is an array of sculptures for art lovers and enthusiasts to appreciate while on a walk.

North Beach Oceanside ParkNorth Beach Oceanside Park

If you are searching for a discreet beach location that offers all the great activities of a regularly crowded beach, this is it. The park is in the middle of North beach, giving it a peaceful and tranquil atmosphere. So bring your furry friends along, the beach is pet friendly, and they can have a fantastic time too. However, pets must stay in the park on a leash and not by the beach itself. There are many footpaths for strolling, an exercise station, a picnic station, and restaurants.

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