Top Beaches in Santa Barbara You Must Visit

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If you pursue a summer destination to vacation at with picture-perfect scenery and surreal beauty, look no further, Santa Barbara is the place. Santa Barbara is a coastal county and city located on the central coast of the Pacific Ocean in California. The city is punctuated with neat columns of Mediterranean revival, Spanish colonial revival, and mission revival-style houses. The town has several parks with the most beautiful flowers and trees and a wonderful backdrop of the Santa Ynez Mountains to put on postcards to write home about.

Being one of the biggest cities along the coastline, Santa Barbara offers various activities to partake in at the beaches. The beaches have surf-friendly waves inviting for all surfers-seasoned and new alike, swimming, kayaking, fishing, and paddle-boarding. While vacationing in Santa Barbara or simply visiting, you should take some time to visit one of the beaches on this list.

Leadbetter BeachLeadbetter Beach

This beach is located between Santa Barbara harbor and Shoreline Park. It is pulse among the locals of Santa Barbara. A beachfront bike trail traverses it, and the locals use it for jogging too. Being close to Santa Barbara City College, most students come here between lectures to unwind. However, if you are visiting, you will find that this beach is within walking distance of most hotels, restaurants, and the fine contemporary tourist attractions in the city.

West beachwest beach

The beautiful soft sand is ideal for sunbathing, and you can also kayak, swim, windsurf and play some volleyball. At the end of the year or the 4th of July, West beach is the place to be. Come and watch a fantastic display of fireworks to celebrate the significant events.

Arroyo Burro Beach (aka Hendry's Beach)

Arroyo Burro Beach (aka Hendry's Beach)


For the pet owners out there, this is for you. There is no more excellent bond than being able to enjoy a long relaxing walk on the beach with your dog in tow. This beach is bordered by a patch of luscious green trees offering shade for you while you relax.

East Beach

East Beach

This beach is far quieter than most. Consequently, it is a prime destination for whole family outings, and you can have a wonderful time having a family picnic at the picnic tables, after which you can engage in a competitive volleyball game.

Butterfly BeachButterfly BeachSource

You can access this beach through a bike trail that runs from the Santa Barbara pier to the beach. The butterfly beach faces west making it the perfect location to relax after a long day visiting attractions of the city while you watch the sunset. You can let your dog tag along and enjoy a good afternoon of blissfully chasing butterflies.

Santa Claus Beach (Padaro beach)Santa Claus Beach (Padaro beach)Source

I know what you must be thinking, and sadly, you won't meet Santa at this beach. The name is only derived from the beach's proximity to Santa Claus Lane. There is a lot of activities to enjoy at this beach because of its excellent waves. There is free street parking and plenty of shops and restaurants nearby to offer you cool drinks after you sunbathe.

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