Top Beaches in Santa Monica You Must Visit

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Santa Monica, a littoral city west of downtown Los Angeles is famous for much more than the iconic Ferris wheel hanging above the Pacific Ocean from the Santa Monica Beach Pier. It is equally renowned for its white-sand beaches and crystal-clear water. The beaches of Santa Monica are divided into two parts based on which side of the pier they fall on, i.e., north and south.

The best time to fully appreciate the beauty of the beaches and Santa Monica at large is at sunset when the sky erupts in a kaleidoscope of colors primarily attributed to the setting sun painting the horizon and the flashy colors of the Ferris wheel.

The water of the Pacific is indeed frigid, but the water at the beaches of Santa Monica is tolerable and great for swimming. In addition, there are plenty of other fun activities to pass the time, such as surfing, visiting the pacific park and aquarium, plus paddle boarding.

Santa Monica State Beach

Santa monica state beach

The Santa Monica state beach is large and has 3.5 entire miles of soft sand and beach. It is situated within strolling distance of many hotels and restaurants. The beach is managed by the California state parks and thus is always clean. One can participate in some activities, including beach volleyball, gymnastics, and cycling along the Marvin Braude Beach Trail.

Will Rogers State Beach

Will Rogers State Beach

This beach park on the Santa Monica bay covers about one- and three-quarter miles in length. It is prevalent and well-liked among the LGBT community marking it as the "unofficial gay beach." In addition to sunbathing and swimming, this seashore has facilities for gymnastics, a children's playground, and volleyball courts. This beach is also a prevalent spot for filming movies and TV shows, so don't be surprised to find it swarming with Tv crews.

Sunset Beachsunset beach

The sunset beach is located within the Palisades district that is along Santa Monica Bay. Sunset beach is quite popular in the surfers' community because of its mighty right-hand waves that aid beginners and experienced surfers alike to make impressive moves. Other activities include fishing, sunbathing, beach walking, and volleyball. But, of course, the most significant thing to do at Sunset Beach is to enjoy a picnic with your family, friends, and all loved ones while watching the breathtaking sunset. A restaurant at the beach with butler service serves fantastic seafood dishes and a lifeguard on duty who oversees the swimming.

Santa Monica Pier

santa monica pier

No trip to Santa Monica is complete until you have visited the pier. Admittance is free, but you will pay some charges for the rides. A must-do activity is to sit upon the solar-powered Ferris wheel and enjoy a spin over the Pacific. If escorted by children under the age of 12 years, they can get on the ride free of charge. The pier is bustling with business and has many restaurants, coffee and souvenir, and shops. It is a great spot to conclude the trip to Santa Monica.

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