What is the Cheapest Month to Fly to Chicago

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Chicago is famous for its 20th-century art and architecture. Being an increasingly popular destination, the windy city of Chicago has travelers flying in for most of the year. And as a result, it is one of the leading cities in the United States. In addition, Chicago is a city that celebrates its people’s diversity boasting a distinctive skyline with skyscrapers, beautiful open spaces, commercial neighborhoods and cultural centers.

If you plan on flying to Chicago, you have two major airport options; passing through the budget-friendly Midway International Airport or the more significant, newer O’Hare airport. There is usually a price potential rise of about 19% during busier months like December. Plan your journey, and you will be able to travel in the cheapest month, with the most affordable airfares available.

  • COVID-19 Travel Restrictions in Chicago

Before you travel, we endorse that you stay informed about the current restrictions and follow proper safety measures while in public. Make sure to check out the COVID-19 travel restrictions for Chicago.

The basic requirements for unvaccinated individuals traveling to Chicago are; to obtain a negative COVID-19 PCR test 72 hours within your arrival or quarantine for ten days upon your arrival.

  • Tips for Finding Cheap Flights to Chicago

There are a few tips that will prove helpful when looking for a cheaper flight to Chicago, such as;

  • If you plan to fly to Chicago, you have two major airport options; Flying through the budget-friendly Midway International Airport (MID) located 10 miles from downtown or the more significant, newer O’Hare International Airport (ORD) at 17 miles from downtown. Your best option is MID which is primarily serviced by low-cost airlines.
  • An alternative to MID is the Chicago International Airport. It is located just outside Gary, Indiana. You can consider flying to this airport since it is only 30 minutes from downtown Chicago.
  • Both ORD and MID are directly accessible using Chicago Public transit. CTA Blue Line is located within O’Hare, while CTA Orange Line is situated in Midway. Both lines will cost you 5 and 3 dollars consecutively, as well as 40 and 20 minutes to downtown Chicago.
  • The cheapest flight to Chicago is $ 36, which is 92% cheaper than the average cost of a Chicago flight.
  • Book your flight between 3 weeks and four months in advance. For international flights, it is advisable to book your flight as soon as possible. Early booking will save you both money and stress as it is a lot cheaper.

The cheapest month to travel to Chicago is currently August. You may encounter a potential price drop of up to 25% compared to the other months, where it may only go up to 5%. Flights prices vary depending on the place of departure, choice of airlines and date of arrival. The best airline choices for Chicago are American Airlines, Delta, Qatar Airways and United Airlines. Due to the current worldwide health concerns, we recommend that you opt for flights with a flexible flight cancellation policy just in case the COVID-19 safety measures in Chicago change.

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