What is the Cheapest Month to Fly to Los Angeles

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Los Angeles (LA) is California's largest city. Thanks to numerous theatres, galleries, and entertainment venues, it is known for its laid-back lifestyle and lively arts. It is a year-round destination because of its vibrant weather and sunny days. While LA makes a perfect destination for a weekend getaway, it may be difficult to find cheap flights to the city. One of the most beguiling things to do here is to visit Universal Studios Hollywood, a theme park and a movie studio.

The city boasts several landmarks that are associated with its buzzing film industry. Discover the Californian lifestyle when you fly to the vast sprawling city of Los Angeles. Enjoy sunkissed moments by the beach, stroll through Griffin Park, and explore the Hollywood sign and Rodeo Drive. Read on and find out about the cheapest month to travel to Los Angeles.

COVID19 Travel Restrictions Los Angeles

To help curb the pandemic spread, Los Angeles requires all travelers entering the city to fill out the City of Los Angeles Traveler Form online, acknowledging that they have read and complied with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's (CDC) Travel regulation. All visitors over the age of 16 must submit the form online before or upon arrival at any LA airport.

Flights to Los Angeles

There are months in the year when it is impossible to find cheap flights to LA. For instance, there are always the Academy Awards at the end of February or early March. Such times may warrant a potential price rise of about 12%. In addition, many people from all over the United States come to LA hoping to see at least one of the celebrities.

True to most flights, flexibility is key to finding the cheapest flights to LA. Try booking your flight as early as six months before your travels. If you cannot book that far back in advance, get your ticket at least six weeks before your journey. Booking this far back will help you to save some money.

Booking in advance usually comes with a discount of up to 15%. So if you would like to attend some of the significant events in Los Angeles, for instance, watch the fireworks on the fourth of July, this is the best way to get yourself some of the cheapest tickets.

Tip: Always book a sit on the right hand of the plane to enjoy the view of Los Angeles as you land. Most flights to Los Angeles tend to land on the East hand side.

What is the Cheapest Month to Travel to Los Angeles

The month of January. In January, the lowest price you are likely to pay for your flight to Los Angeles is $ 197. It is only seconded by $198 in Feb, and from there, there is no other month where you'll get a ticket below $ 200. The weather tends to be chilly around this time in LA, and flight prices are slightly lowered. There is no other off-season in Los Angeles after January, so be sure to grab that chance and enjoy your mini getaway within this month.

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